Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together answers to some of the most common questions that applicants ask us. We hope that these help you. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Academic Coordinator.

How do I log in to my account?

Go to and enter the email address and password with which you registered your account.

What if I forget my password?

Go to and enter in the email address that you used to register your applicant account.You will receive an email to reset your password.

Can I take my time to complete the application form?

Yes. You can save each section and come back to it at a later date. If you forget your password, follow the forgotten password steps above. Please note the page will 'time-out' if inactive for a period of time. Keep saving your application to ensure no data is lost.

Can I edit after submitting my application form?

No. Once you have submitted your form we review the information that you have provided. We may ask you for more information, but you will not be able to edit your application.

Can I track my application after submitting?

Yes, just log in and your application status will be on the right.

I have submitted my application. What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by our assessment team in line with the entry requirements for your course. Once your application has been reviewed, you will notified of our decision via the Communication Inbox.

Can I contact someone about my application?

Yes, if you have any questions during the admissions process please get in touch with us via the Communication Inbox.

How can I withdraw my application?

Please use the communication inbox section to communicate your intentions with the Admin team.